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Route Setting

Putting the hand in FirstHand

Route setting is the process of changing the holds to provide new routes for our customer to climb on. This is our main service as a gym and as part of the climbing community. Read on if you want to know more about setting!

The process

Every set begins with taking the holds off the wall. But how do we figure out what to put back up? Setters need to have detailed knowledge of what really make climbing moves work, the climbing holds at their disposal, and how it all comes together on whatever terrain they are setting. But even after the holds go up, it's not over. The longest part of the process involves repeatedly climbing the routes and making minor (or major!) adjustments. This is called forerunning, and it's where having a team to bounce ideas off of really helps. After all is said and done and the changes are made, we put the finishing touches on and make sure everything is secure. That's when it's your turn!

The inspiration

Wait! We didn't really explain how the setters know what to put up on the wall, did we? Well, that's where the creativity comes in. Setters are naturally excited about climbing, and they may be wanting to set certain moves or climbing styles they are excited about. Sometimes they get an assignment or a creative challenge from the head setter. But even better is when you tell us exactly what you want! After all, we set these routes for you to climb. So just give us a shout using the route request form and we will use your feedback to make our sets even more inspired.


Meet The Team

Want to be a part of the team?

Learn to set and get a free membership too! We have a volunteer setter program designed to help get climbers with no setting experience their first taste of this labor-intensive, frustrating, and rewarding profession. Just follow the link below for details and the application form.

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