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No matter new or experienced, we've got a FirstHand experience for you! Come climb with us in downtown Winston-Salem.

Everyone will need to create a profile and sign a waiver.

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Fitness. Fun. Friends.

If you want to go beyond repetitive workouts, be more active with your social life, or just add some fun to your routine, try bouldering!

The gym

The gym

Frequently asked Questions
(with answers!)

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Don't I need good upper body strength?

Most vertical to slightly overhanging walls can in fact be climbed by good technique alone- push with the legs, don't pull with the arms!

Don't I need special shoes?

That's correct- climbing shoes are a must.


Thankfully, we have shoes available for rental. Rentals are included on your first visit to the gym!

How do I get down?

We are a bouldering gym, meaning there are no ropes or harnesses involved.

To descend the wall, you must downclimb until you are able to safely exit onto the landing mats below. Front desk staff and classes are available if you need help learning this crucial skill!

Which climbs are the best for beginners?

Every climb is graded on the

"V Scale". V0 is the easiest, V1 a little more difficult, all the way up to V9 and beyond.

As a new climber, look for the V0 tags at the base of the route!

Is there a minimum age?

We don't have a rule on the youngest climbers.


However, kids younger than 6 usually can't reach enough holds to make much of their visit. Around age 10, kids can reach far enough to be able to climb most regular  routes.


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